Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

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Before the start of studies, every computer science student needs is a big machine/best laptops with all the good specs. Everyone needs a powerful machine that can manage all the load of work that a university student or college student has.


Truly speaking you don’t need a big boss machine that has the powerful combination of CPU and GPU on it with 12/16 GB Ram and 2 TB of the hard drive as it is just a concept made by students themselves that they want a powerful machine.

Most computer scientists don’t need that and if you are going to buy don’t buy the machine that has the hardcore hardware.

The truth is most people use MacBooks. It doesn’t mean you have to buy MacBook.

The point is don’t focus on power and its look.

Get that machine that has a feasible environment to code with and work on assignments.

Don’t get it?

Let me explain

Get a machine that is easily available with all the packages that are useful for writing a code and also have easy access to the operating system.

Get a machine that has the best display and keyboard because if you are coding for hours you have to work with your keyboard as your finger are stuck with your keyboard and you are continuously staring at your screen.

There are some of the specs for computer science student to look for it before buying a machine.

Suggested Specs For Computer Science Students

As it’s the most advanced generation of the computer that is on his peak so given below are some of the specs that a CS student should go for it before buying a machine.

Writing a code is the least hardware demanding task and all you are going to do is coding. You might encounter some peoples that ask you to buy badass machines but don’t go for it you don’t need it. If you still don’t believe this check the section at the end of this I have given the detail of CS student that what he is going to do in his bachelor’s after all I am also a CS student and I have encountered all the things.  

RAM: It is a factor that speeds up the performance of a computing device. For writing a code RAM is the basic feature that is required.

4GB:  every code will run fine on this ram if you use chrome/DevC++. Your code will run smoothly.

8GB: I’ll recommend this one to you because it’s just a lag-proof ram you can work with it very easily. Most of the IDE’s will run smoothly with no lag on them.

12GB/16GB: if you are working as a data scientist or with a business IT company you’ll need to upgrade your machine to this Ram.      

ROM: As a Computer Science Student, I think that SSD with 8 GB Ram is the perfect combination. All your needs will be fulfilled by it. If you don’t know about SSD, have a look at SSD vs HDD.

Display: If you don’t want your eyesight to get weak and you don’t want to wear glasses at the end of CS because as I told you after the lectures you have to stare at your laptop all the time then why not you protect your eyes then all that you need is full HD 1080p display with a good resolution so can use splits screen option for you code at a time to follow your code logic. You can also buy anti-glare accessories for your eyes as this is hard to find in every product.

Also, don’t ignore the size/dimension of the screen buy a laptop with at least a 13inch display.

GPU: Modern GPUs are more effective nowadays but it is used for parallel programming, so if you to do it then go for it otherwise leave it.CPU

            The central processing unit is the main part of the brain of the machine. You can go for AMD/INTEL modern processors that have the latest architecture. 6th and 7th generation processors may be useful to you but try to go for 8th generation processors. Just make sure that the chip is having the latest architecture.


            As I told you above the keyboard and your screen is the most important part after the CPU and GPU. No offense if the keyboard of the laptop you are buying is hard, you can go for a portable keyboard from an A4tech company. This company manufactures soft keyboard that is good for programmers.  

Given below is a list of the

10 Best Laptops For Computer Science Students.

ImageNameFeaturesCheck Price
Macbook AirProcessor: Core i5-i9
RAM: 08 GB
Storage: 256 GB-2TB SSD
Battery: 15-18 hours
Asus ZenbookProcessor: Core i5 10 Gen
Storage: 256 GB SSD
Battery: 8 hours
Surface pro 7Processor: Core m3,i5,i7
RAM: 04-16 GB
Storage: 128 GB-1TB SSD
Battery: +11 hours
Asus Vivo S15Processor: 4.7 GHz Intel Core i7
RAM: 08 GB
Storage: 512 GB SSD
Battery: +07 hours
Macbook Pro 13Processor: M1 Chip
RAM: 08 GB
Storage: 256 GB SSD
Battery: +14 hours
Acer PredatorProcessor: Core i7 10th Gen
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 512 GB SSD
Battery: 03 hours 45 mins
Hp SpectreProcessor: Core i7
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 1 TB SSD
Battery: +5 hours
Dell Inspiron 17Processor: Core i7 10th Gen
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 2 TB HDD + 512 SSD
Battery: +7 hours
Lenovo IdeapadProcessor: Core i7 10th Gen
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 1 TB SSD
Battery: +6 hours
Dell Inspiron 15Processor: Core i5 11th Gen
RAM: 08 GB
Storage: 512 SSD
Battery: +7 hours

01. MACBOOK AIR-Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

Before the release of the MacBook Air(laptop) by apple. A hype was created among the peoples of the world but after when it was released this product comes out with satisfying and shocking performance and look.

If you have ever attended a coding competition SURELY you have noticed a lot of apple products all over the place. Even some of your teachers/professors used one too.  


There are several reasons to use the apple MacBook air:

  • MacBook air comes with a good battery life
  • It is affordable, sturdy and relatively power full than other laptops.
  • MacBook air is very light weighted and its gives you access to code in all three operating systems i.e. LINUX, WINDOWS, OSX

All of the things I mentioned above apply to any model from 2009.

Apple MacBook Air comes with new technology The M1 Chip

~M1 Chip With industry—Leading performance and power features apple designed a powerful Chip especially for Mac versions. It is packed with 16 billion transistors, the most Apple has ever put into a chip. It consists of 8 cores CPU consists of 4-high performance and 4- high-efficiency cores. This M1 chip delivers up to 3.5x faster CPU performance, up to 6x GPU performance.  

FACT: This 8 cores Chip is far better than AMD/Intel chips.


Programming or coding doesn’t require much power but it’s nice to have an M1 chip on mac that undergoes all your problems.

So if there is any low-budget issue, there’s no need to buy the latest mac. You can go for any of the older models. If you’ll browse Amazon, you can find MacBook from Core i9 to core i5.

It’ll still be fine if you pick any of the older models but I’ll suggest you pick a model from core i5/4-8GB Ram.

But if you are going to do high-level programming such as using an android studio or working with VS make sure you have 8GB.

Display & Design   

The thin/lightweight factor from MacBook is the biggest reason to choose it. The 10-13 hours battery timing with an extended life boasted from 15-17 hours is another plus point to choose it.

Display: Older models came up with only an HD+ display. It’s okay to have it but it’s not ideal. But the newer models don’t come up with this issue the new MacBook comes with a LED-backlit with IPS technology. 2560-by-1600 native supports 400 nits’ brightness which is much higher than most laptops. The new display also known as the Retina display gives viewers a better view than the older models. If the user wants to use a double or triple screen no resolution will be affected in retina display.

Keyboard: MacBook keyboards come up with a backlight that will auto-adjust in the dark. If you want to write a code in dark the light behind the keyboard will auto adjust itself? Most CS students don’t need to write all the time as they are having a busy schedule and their classes don’t demand it but when they have to code something, typing becomes necessary for them and then if you are a Computer Scientist, you’ll typing your eyes out. For this reason, MacBook has one of the best keyboards that are very responsive and have tactile feedback and this feature is only available in the newer ones.

ASUS ZENBOOK-Best Laptops For Computer Science

A perfect replica for MacBook is Asus ZenBook. If you don’t have money to buy MacBook then I’ll suggest going for Asus ZenBook as it’s the best laptop for a computer science student. It comes with a good and thinner design. ZenBook is also known as the family of ultra-books like low bulk computers.  Asus designed it with brushed aluminum rather than plastic that is the first plus point for also serves the audience as the gaming laptop.


            Asus ZenBook and all the other models of Asus uses built-in Intel chips for their graphics

Design: Asus focused on energy efficiency and its thin profile. The main thing that Asus laptops are lightweight is because its body is made up of aluminum. Asus also worked on its strength, vibration damping, appearance, and acoustic properties. Both the bodies and lid are brushed for appearance. Reviewers complimented the appearance of ZenBook. ZenBook has ports on both sides of the device with a heatsink a Fan centered between them. In cases the screen pad replaces the touchpad which is a good option for the audience. this technology was used in the latest versions of the laptops(2019-2021).

Resolution: Numerous models of Zenbook come up with the resolution of QHD+(3200 *1800) and 4K(3840* 2160).

Touchpad: The latest version of Asus is replaced with a touchpad but the trackpad is also used in the older version of laptops. The touchpad is just as big as the MacBook and they have also added the numeric keypad in the latest versions.

Keyboard: The technology of the keyboard includes many elements. The most important of these is the switch element. Some of the latest versions of Asus have a numeric keypad in it that gives you ease to type any number. It helps you with fast number typing. As for a CS student, the typing speed matters a lot because sometimes time is short and you have to code a big. 

  • Great plan
  • Superb keyboard and Touchpad
  • Amazing execution
  • Battery reinforcement
  • High differentiation with IPS board with limited bezels
  • No support of thunderbolt
  • Lack in finger Impression sensor
  • Show is intelligent and draws in smears.

SURFACE PRO 7-Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

            As a student, it’s a perfect 2 in 1 combination laptop as it comes up with all the demands a computer science student needs or demands for But To be honest with you it is not the perfect replica for Mac if you are working in a field or organization.  

It is a good option for Computer Science students Why?

If you want to give Surface Pro 7 (the note-taking feature) a try, The stylus and the one-note feature can replace all your notebooks and physical textbooks because The Surface Pro 7 allows you to create notes at the top of pdf or you can go for a new window. Isn’t it amazing? Nowadays who doesn’t want to change his lifestyle at college or at universities like this? you don’t have to carry a burden of books and notebooks with you. All you want is your Surface pro 7

Well, OneNote is a great open-source software that also helps you to keep your notes well organized and it becomes easy to access. That’s all for surface pro 7

 Still not satisfied? Let’s talk about its features


            You can configure its hardware depending upon your need and budget just like the MacBook

If you love multitasking and get excited about doing it  I’ll recommend you to go for 8GB Ram.

The cheaper models or the older versions like surface pro 4/5/6 have an M3 core processor and extendable 4 GB ram. If you are a CS student it’s fine to have 4GB Ram. You will play video games on it and there is software that runs fine on it.

Later on, a core i5 processor was introduced with 4 or 8 GB Ram. The one who loves multitasking is geared up. You can run Virtual machines on it and Visual studio will run smoothly on it.

For app development and using the software that eats up /uses more CPU power like Gameloop/bluestacks/Android studio/VS code, A new model Core i5 with 8 GB Ram came up with. This model has all the specs that are needed by a CS student to do app development and gaming.

For less CPU usage and working with IT companies or working as a Data scientist or using Python for Data scrapping, you’ll need to buy expensive models like Core i7 with 16 GB Ram.

Display & Design  

            The resolution is much better than the MacBook as it got high resolution. The display of this device is as the older models of it i-e 2736 *1824 resolution Touchscreen.


  • It’s the 7th addition in the surface pro models and it is manufactured by MICROSOFT
  • This 2 in 1 laptop /tablet aims for professionals while the update model aims towards enterprises like Surface pro-7+
  • Surface pro 7 doesn’t allow us to remove SSD from it while 7+ do.
  • It weighs about ~1.7 pounds.
  • Its battery lasts for 8 hours and is 43.2Wh
  • Sharp showcase
  • Incorporates USB-C
  • Very much carried out kickstand
  • Powerful battery life
  • Smart Intel “Ice lake processor”
  • Only two ports.
  • No thunderbolt support.
  • Console actually sold independently.

ASUS VIVO BOOK S15-Best Laptops For Computer Science

Asus Vivo book comes up with a 4.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor. It is amongst the most powerful, light-weighted, and affordable laptops manufactured by Asus. IPS level display of 14” full HD 400nits nano edge bezel with screen to body ratio of 90%.

  • Smooth alluring plan
  • Noteworthy 1080p showcase
  • Extra ordinary storage for SSD
  • Sensibly evaluated
  • Needs cutting edge thunderbolt 3
  • Don’t have an extra ordinary battery life

MACBOOK PRO 13-Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

MacBook Pro 13 comes up stunningly look, Design and is manufactured by Apple. Technology is changing with the change in time and the Apple MacBook Pro 13 also has lots of changes with respect to its older models that’s because of venom of engineering has gone into MacBook. MacBook Pro 13 comes with an M1 chipset that packs enough horsepower to muscle any work through multitasking.

Discussing its performance, A Computer Science student will not find a better laptop than this if he/she loves to do multitasking. Its aluminum body makes it light-weighted which is a plus point because no one wants to carry heavy and weighted laptops in their bag.

The 13.3inch display with a resolution of 2560 * 1600 pixels gives it a stunning look and you’ll enjoy a better viewing experience.

Its 8 GB Ram with 256 GB SSD and M1 processor makes it different from other laptops as it works much faster than the others.

This product can be able to handle much load like the running of MATLAB software.

  • Noteworthy laptop Design
  • Phenomenal touchpad
  • Incredible CPU and GPU performance
  • 256 GB SSD Capacity
  • Usefulness of Hello Siri
  • Extraordinary console for solace
  • Battery life that lasts longer
  • High Cost
  • Utilizing ports will require dongles
  • No alternative for discrete designs card

ACER PREDATOR HELIOS 300-Best Laptops For Computer Science

Acer is famous for the productions of Gaming Laptops. As the name of this product “Predator” indicates to us about gaming. The perfect balance of gaming performance with Nvidia GeForce makes it a great laptop for Computer Science students IFF he/she is fond of gaming at the university/college level. There are some students who love to do gaming when they are free so here is a perfect product for them.

Acer Predator Helios is manufactured with 10 Generation Intel Core i7-6 core processor

 6 GB Dedicated GDDR6 VRAM with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 is also introduced in it that makes it a powerful gaming laptop. No Doubt Acer is famous for the production of Gaming laptops but the combination of core i7-6 core processor with RTX 2060 is just great.

This laptop is capable of handling a load of Graphics as it also has a 144 Hz refresh rate with a 15.6” LED Display. This laptop easily justified its popularity because of its specs. The color contrast of its keyboard and all the colors that are personalized in it make it attractive.

  • Lots of Force/Incredible entertainer
  • Good battery life
  • Reasonable sticker price
  • 144 Hz invigorate Rate
  • Mediocre Sound
  • Noisy Fan
  • Gets excessively Hot

HP SPECTRE x360 15T -Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

HP is a well-known company for its product looks and performance. The envy Line of HP is responsible for its elegant look and it also does justice to its older models. When it comes to artistic or grace Envy can put any high-end laptop down. This is the reason that allows HP laptops compete in the market. The thickness of this product is just about 0.6 inch and it weighs about 4.2 pounds. This laptop is designed for those who love to travel with a light weighted laptop. As for my concern, I’ll recommend this product to CS students. Students don’t want to carry weighted laptops in their bags.

The 4K resolution display gives the audience a good vibe and also the feel of its touch is very vivid that makes the whole experience great.

The use of a Core i7 processor with 16 GB Sd Ram with 1 TB SSD by this product makes any hard work that demands a lot of performance/processing becomes easier.

All the features of this product make it a better and good choice for a Computer Science Student.

  • Incredible Graphics with its design
  • Exquisite looks
  • Great battery life
  • Quality speakers
  • At tremendous speed 4K touch kills its battery


Dell Inspiron 17 is the most powerful product in the market for Computer Science students. Better processing machine manufacture by Dell.

Its range mainly competes with the Asus, Aspire, Acer, Vivo Book, and ZenBook’s laptops that are the best laptop manufacturing companies in the world.

Some think that this model Inspiron 17 is an overkill laptop for Computer Science students but Its CPU consists of an Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor that is capable of reaching a max speed of up to 3.9GHz. I think this is the Laptop a CS student demands or wished for.

Graphic card + Ram

A Graphic card MX230 is used in this product for better graphics. If you are doing programming tasks that comprise graphics and apps, The MX230 is enough for this.

32 GB allows you to handle multiple tasks like programming, gaming, and watching videos at the same time. It doesn’t slow down


2TB hard disk for storing data followed by 512 GB SSD for store windows. It’s a perfect combination if you want your laptop to not slow down.


The 17.3inch mega display plus 1080p is enough for most students


On being a heavy device at 6.13 pounds, still an effective computing device. A single charge of this can allow you to use this machine for 7 hours that’s a huge time.

If you want to buy a perfect notebook that helps you as a Computer Science student and further in professionalism, Dell Inspiron 17 is the perfect device you are looking for.

  • Enormous capacity limit.
  • Sizeable Ram designation.
  • Future verification processor, 10th Gen
  • Against glare slow
  • Sturdy console
  • Heavier than expected
  • Old availability principles


The most efficient Intel-powered Notebooks by Lenovo is Idea pad flex 5. This laptop is also good for professionals if you know how to use the resources of this laptop.


Intel Core i7-1065G7 chipset is used in the manufacturing of this product and the maximum Clock-speed of 3.9GHz. If you are interested in programming like java, C++, Python this mobile system on Chip is really helpful to you. It is a very powerful device for Computer Science students.

The system on the chip is the brain of the laptop where all the components are linked together in a single chip


As far as concerned about its ram 16GB is very useful in this product. It can handle lots of loads.

Multitasking and programming become easy in this 16 GB Ram.


 It comes with a memory of 1TB SSD that boosts up the speed of a laptop and it works better without stucking.


15.6inch is loaded with HD 1920*1080p display.

As far as my concern the first impression of a laptop comes from its display and keyboard buttons. A smooth keyboard is installed in it. Fingers don’t become rigid while typing.


Almost 3 pounds weight of a laptop with a battery timing that lasts for 6 hours.

A complete specs laptop for a Computer Science student.

  • Super quick processor
  • Amazing Battery life
  • Light weighted
  • A sizeable lump of framework memory
  • Magnificent key travel
  • Warms up a reasonable bit


Dell designed Inspiron 15 with the good looks and the best of specifications that are the demands from the audience.        

The company manufactured it with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor with a maximum turbo frequency of 2.4GHz that gives power to Dell Inspiron 15 to handle most of the applications and resources used by a Computer Science Student.

One of the most dependable assets of multitasking in Dell Inspiron 15 is its 8GB Ram that processes data and cache at 3200MHz. All the specs allow you to manage illustration serious apps and easygoing games without any lag.

Dell Inspiron 15 has storage support of 512GB SSD. Dell Inspiron comes with a built-in window 10 that is compatible with most applications.

15.6inch display with support of anti-glare that makes the screen worth using it.

  • 11th gen processor is future evidence
  • High velocity RAM
  • A good piece of extra room for extra space
  • Wi-Fi 6 help
  • Aesthetic form quality
  • Venturesome presentation
  • Does not have a devoted GPU
  • Below average speakers

GUIDE-Best Laptops For Computer Science Students

Choosing the best laptops for a Computer Science Students

Honestly speaking when I started my CS, I used to think that a big boss machine can be useful to me because I thought programming needs much performance from a machine and low specs machine won’t be able to do it, so it’s just a waste of money on low specs laptops but this theory by me proved wrong.

 I am the first person in my family who goes to University. When I got admission to CS I don’t know what the university demands from me and what I gave to them but the only thing in my mind is that I need a machine that has the processor of core i7-8th Gen with 1 TB of SSD installed in it and its GPU must be strong so I don’t feel any lag. Besides this, I also need a dedicated graphics card for my gaming. At that time I don’t have a sense though but as time flies I came to know that there’s no need for a big machine because we don’t have to do anything except coding and making assignments.

All the time we have to listen to professors, take pen and paper, and started making notes there’s no need for a laptop at all. All that you need is just a mediocre machine that can be helpful when you need it.

How to choose the best laptops for computer science as a students??

The following section will be about CS and their subjects and all about CS life I am gone through and the things I have an encounter, at the end of this you’ll decide to buy which laptop for CS. 

First of all, you have to check all the criteria of your university that what does it demand. What they are going to teach you? What do your specific departments have to say about laptops? If you haven’t done that it’s the first thing.


The next step is to ask them which platform are they using to teach the students because some use LINUX and some do use MICROSOFT.

All the time the only work for you in the university is to write something and submit it to the teacher/professor. There are only 1 or 2 subjects of coding each semester and this semester needs the laptop for some work but the work is only to write some lines of code and compile it. Every laptop can do it perfectly. You’ll need not work on Microsoft or Firefox or Google.

You have to draw some patterns using the code language whatever it is and your professor is teaching you which language. After this your department will provide you with the 24/7 labs option/facility with the fastest Broadband connection but here is a problem who wants to sit in labs all the time to work. Labs at the University also allow you to watch videos and play games whenever you are free but want to sit all day in a lab? If you do then save the money that you are going to use to buy a laptop.

Sometimes it becomes extremely important to code then what you are going to do go in the lab? If you have a cheap laptop, you can do it on your own sitting with your friends at the café or any other place and you don’t have to waste time. It’s easy to take a laptop with you when you are traveling and you can use that time for coding if you have nothing to do.

Is there any need to buy professional software?

There’s no need to buy any professional software for your OS as your University will provide you with every professional laptop. Full licensed software should be available at your university Database. If you need any of them you should go to the University Database department and ask them to give you access to download them.

There’s no software that will not work on modern laptops/machines This is the power of a computer. It’s 99% efficient that every software will run on any machine.

Ask the University about the majors and find which software are they going to use in this major and check whether that software is compatible with your operating system.

Now let’s talk about remote access at the university.

 All your labs are available with this option. Actually, remote access is the ability to access a device from another device, any time any place.

You can use your laptop to connect with the lab’s computer through remote access and runs all the heavy software that your OS is not compatible with or the software that is not running on your laptop.

So, What about classes?

At the starting of the CS, there’s no need to take your laptops with you in the classes as the classes are like the old way as our ancestors have gone through. We should need a paper and a pen to write/note down the points from our professor. Sometimes we have to take notes from the lecture slides that are being presented in front of us by our professors.

There are fewer teachers that ask the student to carry a laptop with themselves and take a laptop to classes. Taking notes on a laptop is hard and time taking unless we have a laptop that has a stylus like the Surface Pro 7.

We still need paper and pen for other short-time quizzes that are being taken in the classroom. Even your exam needs pen and paper. There are some teachers who allow you to take your laptop with you in your classroom but this happens in your specialization when you are in the 3rd year of your Course CS.

Some courses have labs what about them?

In the labs you are given work or task to complete within the lab time period with the provided computers but if you are willing to take your laptop with that’s a good option because if you failed to submit the task within the lab time then you have to submit it online and then you’ll need your laptop.

What type of work are you going to do in the lab?

Any idea? Okay, let me tell you. In the starting semesters, you are going to learn Microsoft office and later on, you move towards programming the basics of programming whatever your language but do give it practice.

You are going to spend more time taking notes and reading rather than using laptops or computers.

What if you take the laptop to classes?

            If you take the laptop to classes and if your professor is nice, you keep all the scrolling on FB and watching videos on YouTube and you can’t listen to your lectures. This might be your loss of studies. But as a fresher man you don’t need laptops in classes as you are going to math’s all the time in the starting semesters rather than coding.

Fact: even your professors have ugly and cheap laptops. Maybe you have got the idea why if not then keep reading.                    

 Which Software you are going to use in CS?

These are lists of courses and software’s, might be different than your curriculum but 70% have similar courses.

Introduction to Computer TechnologyPython IDE’s
Programming fundamentalsDev C++
Object-oriented programmingJava Scripts IDE’s
Data structure and algorithmsC++ compiler might be
Design and analysis of algorithmsC++ compiler might be
Web technologiesLaravel, PHP CSS, Bootstrap, HTML

There is a list of some other courses that need software’s but these courses are the main CS courses you are going to learn. All of this software might be run on an ideal laptop. You have to carry a laptop with you in some of the lectures out of 32 total lectures on each subject. After 2 or 3 semesters you are going to choose that which programming language you are going to use for your assignments. Sometimes same subjects are being taught to different sections with different programming languages. I’ll recommend you to install VS Code and whatever your language is, every language will go smoothly on it. It is an all-rounder software.

You don’t have to run heavy software’s on your laptop unless you ask your advisor to do so. Even it might be 1 or 2 assignments throughout the whole CS and there’s no need to buy a heavy laptop, a big badass machine for these 2 assignments.

There are some of the features that you need to know before buying a laptop.


The most important feature for Computer Science students as I told you that you have to stare at your screen all the time while typing so there is something in your display that might not damage your eyeballs. If you are worried and don’t want to wear glasses at the end of CS or might get a laser eye operation, just find a good laptop with an even better display option than the others.

You’ll be sitting in front of your laptop for hours to find out the mistake or error in your code. The best way is to choose a good resolution display. Most of the laptops out in the market are with a resolution of 1366 * 768 HD display but to be honest with this is not the ideal display to read a code and if you are going to use this display then get ready to wear glasses and look weird.

You’ll not view vertical for multiple lines of code. You don’t have to worry there are good laptops with good resolution display in the market. As far as I am concern with my eyes, I’ll go for a minimum display that is 1440*900. This is the least resolution display I’ll go for but try to get a one step ahead resolution display of 1920*1080UHD. There’s a quote that always works smart than to work hard. This also applies here, always choose smart not the hard things          


The size of the screen also matters because a small screen makes us read difficult. to be honest in this opinion it’s a self-decision that what to carry if you don’t have any problem in carrying out a 17inch screen with you then just go for it. when I am in university, I used to carry a 15inch laptop and end up with it. After this, I bought a laptop with a 13inch display. It’s an ideal display than to have 11inch in which to read code becomes difficult. 

Small screens laptop is easy to carry but it becomes difficult to read code on it.

Prefer no to say about size anymore because it’s a personal decision but don’t let your resolution out. It is the only option if you have a small screen then prefer this screen with a good resolution display.  

Fact: 13 is the ideal one than to have a 17inch display.


Weight is the most important feature I can think of. Even 0.5 kg makes a lot of difference in the weight of a laptop. It is easy to carry a low weighted laptop. You can carry your laptop anywhere and can code easily anytime. You can take it in and out of lectures. If you want to carry your laptop anywhere, anytime just pay more if you want to for a light-weighted laptop. If you have to sacrifice any of the main components then just do it and buy a light weighted laptop. But there is another option if you don’t have to carry your laptop then it does not need to sacrifice any of the components and you can have a weighted laptop. I used to carry lightweight laptop with 3lbs of weight.

Now move towards battery after weight it’s the most important feature because if you have to carry a laptop then the battery must be good. If the battery is not then what’s the need to carry it   

In universities, classes have the option to charge the battery but think if everyone in your class wants to charge the battery then what you are going to do but needs not worry. Today’s generation laptops that are with small screens and keypads have a good battery that lasts for your entire day.

If you use your laptop for high-performance gaming then your battery won’t last all day and you have to carry your laptop charger with you.

Just aim for a battery that lasts for 6-7 hours a day so that you do need not to charge your battery and need not worry about that.

Even there are some days that need to spend without charging and if your battery drains out what’s the purpose of carrying it with you then it may be true that you love to carry weight with you.

Moving towards the performance of a laptop, what do we need to consider for performance



The central procession unit is the brain of the machine. Most likely as a CS student, you are going to use Dev C++, python, and java IDEs for your programming it means you required less performance unless you are working in a company or as a freelancer or in a specialization for 3d modeling, illustrator, and so on. Core i5 is the ideal CPU for CS student

You need a fast processor for gaming only and fast processors like core i7 or core i9 because gaming software’s nowadays are much heavy and needs a lot of performance as gaming used to do. In CS your assignments and code won’t last more than 1000 lines and it is very easy for an ideal CPU to process these fact, even a project of like 3000 lines can be compiled easily with core i3 or i5. Try to use the latest processors of INTEL/MAD with the latest design and architecture.    


For CS students 4GB ram with a Core i5 processor is ideal. But if want to improve your performance you can upgrade your processor to core i7 and that’s enough. But in some cases, you need a powerful processor with 8 GB ram to boost up the speed and performance of your laptop. There are few instances that need this type of graduation. If you are a gamer then you have to upgrade your laptop to 12/16 GB for better performance of the game.

You can run a visual studio on 4 GB Ram but with no lag experience, you need to have 8 GB Ram. Try not to get frustrated it’s better to have an 8GB Ram. A good laptop for CS students has a good battery, screen size, resolution, and high rams like 8 GB and core i5/core i7 CPU.

If you are building huge projects after your Graduation because you won’t be doing these at the school or university level, you will need to have 12 GB Ram to feel no lag and not to get frustrated. Compilation of codes which are of 10000 lines powerful CPU and Ram performance needs. These are the things you are going to do after your graduation or even after when you are in your specialization or doing a master’s.

Let’s talk about 3d animation

3D animation requires a more powerful laptop than shown above.

Data Scrapping

It is a huge programming process of python. A huge compilation is needed in this process. If you have a powerful laptop then the compilation of this becomes easy for you because sometimes your laptop needs to compile continuously for more than 4 hours.

I have done data scrapping and it’s a complicated process but once to get used to it, it becomes a game for you. My laptops work continuously for more than 2 nights to scrap data from some websites. Sometimes your data is very big and it needs performance.

Ideal Laptop

If you think you are not going to do any of the higher performance things or run that software that demands performance then the above laptops are best for you as a Computer Science student.

More likely if you don’t have enough money to buy the laptop just go for core i3 with 4 GB Ram.


Storage of 500GB is enough for a CS student. SATA hard drives are used only for storing purposes but if you still have money left then just go for an SSD. What is it don’t know?? You should read my article SSD vs HDD. After reading this article you will come to know about SSD and HDD.

SSD will also improve your laptop’s performance.

Just buy a good laptop with SSD and don’t worry about the storage of SSD. 128 GB SSD is enough for your laptop.

For your Data, you have the external hard drives.

If you just lost your laptop then you don’t have to worry about your data as you have a portable hard drive and you already backed up your data in it. You will not lose your data. All that you lose is your laptop. Nowadays Data is the most important thing a person or student can have as you all know.

Touch screen

In my opinion, I don’t think so touch screen is an important feature for a CS student as we don’t have to work use it. All that a CS student needs is just a smooth keyboard to work with. CS students will prefer performance rather than having a touch screen. Touch screens are important features for graphic designers but with a stylus. Architectures also want touch screens. As we, the students of CS will prefer to have non-touch screens. Another reason for non-touchscreen is in universities laptops are used roughly because everyone uses the laptop and to keep ourselves aside from loss, I will prefer not to have a touch screen.


The Graphics processing unit is used for graphics purposes. If you are a gamer then you have to worry about GPU because some games use high graphics for running. As CS students don’t worry about the graphics as we don’t need them. We will be comfortable with a 2 GB built-in intel graphics card.

 If you want to use unity and want to design few games that involve graphics then you will prefer to have a 2GB dedicated graphics card with the built-in card for a better view of graphics. On the other hand, if you have a powerful CPU then you can use your CPU for graphics view but if not then use your GPU and try to add an external graphics card on your laptop. Some laptops have the slots but the built-in motherboard laptop doesn’t have the slots to do it.

If you are not fond of playing video games then use your built-in graphics card for a better view of graphics.

These are the main points of how to buy a laptop for a CS student.


You can use your laptops official Operating system or you can use your own operating system like Linux or OSX or windows

For CS students windows 10 is very compatible and is ideal for use.

For programmers, Windows is also a good option because it is portable with every software.


For a Computer Science student, all that he/she needs is just a core i5 with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM with a good keyboard and resolution display.

You can do a master’s and Ph.D. with your old laptop.

My recommendation is to buy a laptop that is easy to carry with and has good resolution with a good keyboard and keep this thing in mind that it should be light-weighted. Try to have a laptop with SSD rather than have HDD. You can use the external hard drive to store your data.

Buy a cheaper laptop if you are going to use your laptop for high performance like gaming, designing, etc. if you are going to use it for 10000 line of code that needs to be compiled than you have to buy a laptop that has core i7 processor with 8/12 GB of Ram and dedicated graphics card of 2 GB attached to it.

A good battery timing laptop can last for a day. Battery timing should be 6-7 hours a day.

That’s all for a Computer Science student.              

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