How The Performance In Windows 11 Improved?

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Performance of Windows 11

Windows 11 also known as the reskinned version of Windows 10 is new in the Microsoft world and is improved in every way. People were thinking that windows 10 will be the last version that would be released by Microsoft. But later on June 24, 2021, it was announced that Windows 11 will be released in later 2021 but windows beta is released already. It looks very similar to windows 10 but with few changes in its functionality and features.

Windows 10 was released with reviews, criticism, and praise but Windows 11 will be the upgrade version which will nearly improve all of the defects present in Windows 10 as it lacks many of the features that are the requirement of many users working on desktops or laptops. Its significance includes a better way of handling users’ data, privacy and better performance, and better interface.

New Functions Added in Windows 11-Performance of Windows 11

Functions are the most common features of the software. They are necessary in order to complete projects because they allow you to carry out many tasks with efficient speed and accuracy. Even if you are not considering the functions of the software it will surely affect the working of the device on which you are working.

As the windows 11 beta explains us much about the function of the new Windows 11 coming so some new Functions that are included in the Windows 11 are the following :

  • Windows 11 have a very clean and Mac like interface which uses pastel shades with icons having rounded corners with task bar and start menu placed in the centre.
  • Many of the android apps, modern universal apps and web apps will be fitted in this windows which can be approached by installing them with the help of Microsoft store.Microsoft stores entertainment app will include list of movies and shows from different platforms.
  • One of the important features include its widgets which can be outreached directly from the taskbar like windows 10 but now we can modify it according to our needs.
  • Microsoft  Teams is now integrated in Windows 11 which uses a new feature in its task bar which can directly help us to make a call or to accept a call easily a bit like facetiming in Apple gadgets so we can now say bye to skype , zoom and other apps.
  • This function can be very exciting for gamers as microsoft included Xbox series x and s features to pc with auto HDR which will help us to update some of our games to better light and colours and it also includes the direct storage feature which help us to improve the game launching  speed and make the loading time much more faster.
  • Snapping of apps is also a very rare feature fitted in windows 11 by Microsoft which can help us to use different apps at the same time and we can change snap layouts depending on screen’s size and its resolution and windows will always remember these layout if we switched to some other device.
  • Desktops in windows 11 are way better than other windows as we can personalize them with different apps and different wallpapers to enhance their looks according to our needs that whether we want them for our school,home or for gaming and by seeing them we can literally figure out that for which purpose this desktop is used.

Drawbacks-Performance of Windows 11

We also have some drawbacks over this windows which can or cannot annoy some of the users that are there is no tablet mode and timeline feature in Windows 11 and the start menu has no live tiles now plus if you have purchased some apps in Windows 10 and you shift to Windows 11 then these apps will not be available because of the change of OS. Some of the install buttons of some apps can not function in some limited scenarios. Rating and reviews may not be given for some apps. The taskbar will not be shown on some of the monitors but it will be corrected in the upcoming build. We can not use multiple accounts because they will fail to launch by the settings. The power mode setting is not available on the power and battery page.

System Requirements:

Processor                   1Gigahertz (GHz) or maybe faster with 2 or more cores on a                

                                       compatible 64-but processor

Memory                      4 GB RAM

Storage                       64 GB

System firmware         UEFI, Secure Boot capable

TPM                            Trusted Platform Module version 2.0

Graphics card             DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x

Display                       >9 degrees with HD resolution of 720p

Internet connection   Microsoft account and internet connectivity required for setting

                                      Windows 11 home

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 -Performance of Windows 11

Windows 11 is the upgraded version of Windows 10 with a few or some changes in its functionality. Windows 11 is much faster as compared to Windows 10 but its boot time is less than Windows 10. It also comes with a more effective way for managing your data and privacy because windows 10 was very notorious in nature and many people complained about their privacy on such software embedded computers so to overcome this problem Windows 11 have a feature in which we can more easily erase all of our data and information present in the system at once. As the new software is more user friendly which comes with two separate environments one for computer/laptop users and the other one is for mobile users nearly like windows 10. The start menu and taskbar are now centered but Windows 10 have a start menu and taskbar at the left corner. Gadgets have changed their place and we can now customize our notification area also called the system tray. Many apps are now included in Windows 11 as compared to windows 10. Its Display is also changed wrt wallpapers and we can now say that they are having solid colors. We also need an internet connection while installing this Windows 11 while there was no need for an internet connection in Windows 10. We can also pin some apps in our start menu bar and also remove them, this wasn’t available in Windows 10. Task view is also changed w.r.t Windows 10.

How to install Windows 11:

Before joining the Windows insider Program we should make sure that our Pc’s data is secured and our system is ready but how will we came to know that our system is ready, no worries only you have to check is that it reaches the system requirements or not that are mentioned above. If yes then your system is ready. Make sure to backup your data by transferring it to some other external storage device.

  1. Firstly you have to sign up to the Windows Insider Program by going to the Settings>Updates and security>Windows Insider Program. Firstly sign in to the Windows Insider account and if you’re not having your account in the Windows Insider Community then you can register and sign up and after that, you can click start flighting.

2. Now do the analysis of the given conditions and terms and click submit.

3. Now select the dev channel from the Insiders setting to install or download the windows 11 build and then hit the confirm button.

4. Now your device will ask you to read the insider privacy terms and conditions and once you agree on those agreements then you and click confirm.

5. Now restart your device to get the insider preview build.

6. After restarting now connect your device to the internet and go to Settings>Updates and Privacy> Windows update and check for an updated version.

7. Now your device will start to download the latest version of Microsoft rebuilds.

 Keep this thing in mind that we can only access the Insider when our system fulfills all the system requirements that are mentioned above.

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