How To improve the performance of laptops using SSD vs HDD?

“HDD vs SDD”

Whenever we talk about selecting a storage device we should keep in our mind that we should not only focus on its cost and capacity but also keep in view the power usage and reliability to enhance our computer’s functionality. Let’s give a quick comparison between Hard Disk Drive and Solid-State Drive. 



The device, which is completely and efficiently used for storing data magnetically, is present and available inside the computers and it consists of a spinning disk mechanism on which data memory is written. The heads are used for storing, writing, and reading data on these spinning disks. Its functionality is really very similar to a record player with turntable plates which allows you to move a needle on an arm that is used to read or access different types of data stored in it.      


HDDs are observed as a very vital technology that is practically used when we don’t have to access data on and on like backups of pictures, videos, and some document files and they are lower in cost and can perfectly work more (in time) than SSDs. Their use in electronic devices can be distinguished by their sizes:2.5 inches for laptops and 3.5 inches for desktop computers.      



SSD, a solid-state drive is named so because it consists of data stored in flash memory i.e. the data can be maintained even when there is no power supply. It consists of no moving platters or needles on an arm(like in HDDs) which is also the reason that why it is called solid-state. Several memory chips in which data is stored are located at different places in its circuit board.    


It can be distinguished with comparison to HDDs in size and shape, it can reduce its size to 2.5 inches that are as small as the size of a gum, and smaller than the size of the postage stamps. its capacity to store data is variable which starts from 128GB to 8T but for more information 4TB is rarely used in some of SSDs models and 8TB capacity is used in heavy computers such as Apple Mac Pro. As it quickly accesses data and users do not have to wait for plates to complete their rotation as in HDDs. Their cost is more than HDDs and depends upon the amount of data it can store.   

Difference w.r.t SPEED:

SSDs are more in demand than HDDs due to their speed in working. They are replacing HDDs as there is an absence of moving parts in SSDs because they use the electric circuit phenomena in their working which makes them work faster than HDDs(which takes time in the rotation of their platters). So when we are starting up a drive or doing heavy tasks over it we have to wait less in SSDs than in HDDs.Its faster speed is beneficial in many ways like when we have to do tasks which consist of heavy files or waiting for some apps to open or logging in some tasks on the device, with an HDD the device will not work more efficiently or fastly than with an SSDs. 

As we are talking about the speed of these two drives, their interface also matters i.e connection between two systems subject and organization . Here we will discuss the connection of drives with the computer systems, two types of interface can be considered here. The first one is SATA and the other one is PCI express these two have different properties like SATA is an older and slower one while PCIe is much faster and is new in the electronic world. PCIe gives more routes to transfer data than SATA which is the reason because of which PCIe takes less time to transfer data than SATA.  

For example, SSDs can read data at a speed of 550 megabytes per second and write it at 520 megabytes where HDDs can read and write data at 125 megabytes per second.          

  Difference w.r.t Reliability

Reliability means that how consistently a method measures something, in this case, SSDs are more reliable than HDDs as they have no moving parts i.e they work without any physical (moving) parts and there will be no chances for any part to be damaged because of weather or any other issue and without movement or vibration they can work more expeditiously than HDDs which consists of moving parts.            

SSDs use less power and work for a long period because they access data quickly. But in HDDs due to o the moving parts they require more power and therefore the rate of work done is low in comparison. In this way, the reliability of SSDs is greater than HDDs.

 Difference w.r.t Cost

   SSDs are considered more expensive than HDDs but we can say that the cost of SSDs depends on the capacity for storing data. The smallest amount of data that can be stored on HDDs is 1TB if a person is not in need of such a big amount of storage because of the reason that he needs to store little data so he\she can buy SSD according to their need. In comparison, SSD is 4 times the price of the 1TB of HDD, they are still expensive due to their greater performance and high reliability. SSDs sells at a rate of 1 Dollar per Giga Bite(GB).    

Difference w.r.t Power

While buying any of the electronic devices which does not use electricity(works on battery) we wish that our equipment must have a greater life span or greater power so that it can work for a longer period of time. SSDs consume less power than HDDs because of the absence of moving parts(which consume power due to their working) which is useful because it gives greater battery life. So switching from HDDs to SSDs in our mobile devices, computers, or laptops we can extend the battery life to about 30 to 35 minutes.

 Difference w.r.t Noise

As it is described earlier that HDDs consist of moving parts and magnetic platters due to this reason while working it creates vibration and pathetic noise due to the movement of its platters. So for a person who works in silence or do not need any type of noise around, he\she can switch it’s a device from HDD to SSD because SSD consists of no moving parts which make it easy for the person to work because a person is not only disturbed by its own vibration but also from the vibration caused by the things around because it can transfer its vibration to the objects around it on the table. So for a peaceful environment to work in we must select SSDs.

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