How To Recover Disk Partition Not Showing Up?

It is the common issue with all the windows7/8/10 that a single partition of your hard disk is not showing up on My PC. As all the partitions are part of a single HDD or SDD whatever do you have. Sometimes an error occurred after the restart of the laptop/PC or when you renewed your operating system. There are several issues that can occur due to different situations, you should have different measures according to each issue.

Change the drive letter

           You’ll be unable to find/view the partition in the File explorer if the partition is without a drive letter. Press Windows + R key at the same time to open a window/Run box then type in the box”diskmgmt.msc” and press enter. This will open a window of Disk management. Now find the partition that is without a drive letter, Right-click on that option and choose “Change drive letter and paths…” then click add button to assign it a drive letter. After all this work you’ll find your missing partition in your My PC/file Explorer. 

BUT sometimes the HDD partition is hidden manually, then it will not appear in your file explorer. Then you have to turn on the third-party partition manager that can help you find your missing partition.

Free download and install from here AOMEI partition Assistant Standard

After installing click to open it, then click the hidden partition that you want to show in your file explorer, click advanced and then click unhide partition.

Click okay but keep the information in your mind that is on the pop-up window that appears in front of you.

Click apply and proceed to execute.

If the HDD is formatted, the partition might be disappearing in my PC. Perform the steps below to reformat the partition to the file system supported by windows like NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT.

  • Run AOMEI find out the partition that needs formatting right click on that and choose Format partition.
  • Click apply to perform your operation.

If the partition is left without a drive letter assign it a drive letter after reformatting it.

Initialization of Disk

When the hard disk is new it won’t show in the file explorer you need to make it online and create the partition.

Open Disk management setting, the new hard disk is shown unallocated make it initialize by right click on the partition.       

Choose the new simple volume from the unallocated space shown when the disk is online.

Follow the steps to create partitions.

Update the Drivers

Open Run box, input command “devmgmt.msc” then press enter

Click disk drivers and choose update drivers

Whether choose it from your location and search automatically for the driver.

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