How To Recover Snapchat Streak


Snapchat is a mobile networking app that was introduced in 2011and  is used to click photos, upload them as stories, and also send those photos to your friends or family or to people added on your Snapchat.


Snapchat also allows us to send photos to someone as a snap which means that the other person will not be able to open it again when he/she opened it twice. It also consists of many interesting features to edit or in short to enhance the snap that you have recorded, It consists of stickers, drawings, and text editing tools that help to add flair to your snap.

It consists of a time limit as well as how long your snap will appear on the screen of some other person’s phone the minimum limit is 1 sec and the maximum limit is 10 sec, there is another option having infinity sign which means it will appear on the screen until the person himself wants to close it. Snapchat also includes an option to upload your snap as stories that work the same as normal stories that we put on Instagram or WhatsApp that it will be shown to your friends added or to people you allow to see and disappear after 24 hours.


The most fascinating function that Snapchat has is creating streaks. Streaks are basically a very engrossing feature of Snapchat because it is a source of fun for the people using this app because once you get addicted to creating streaks on Snapchat then you won’t stop. Suppose if you send snaps to your friend every day for like 10 days straight and your friend also sends you to snap every day on the same 10 days then a streak is established between you and your friend that counts 10 because your streak number depends on the number of days you have started sending snaps to your friend.

 Snap streaks appear beside your friend username with the number of streaks along with the flame emoji and once you reach 100 days of snapping then it will show that red hundred emoji along with the flame emoji, for the streak to keep going make sure that you and your friend keep on sending snaps daily or with 24 hours otherwise your snapstreak will break but some people don’t remember about sending snap daily don’t worry Snapchat also shows you the emoji of the hourglass when you haven’t sent any streak for the last 24 hours and if you miss it your streak will disappear and you will have to start it over again.

But for the people who are really devoted to creating snap streaks and are having streaks up to 400 or 500 in this case if they miss a day in which they haven’t sent any snaps and their streaks disappears then it is nearly equal to a breakdown but don’t worry Snapchat has a solution for this thing as well in order to recover your streak. You only have to follow some steps that will help you to recover your streak.

  1. Firstly you have to go to the website created for snapchat users and it  helps people in using snapchat app and for solving any of their problems related snapchat.

2. You will select the option of Contact us which allows users to contact and convey their problem regarding snapchat.

3. Then you will see that you have many options and many problems that are mentioned which can be useful for the beginners in order to use Snapchat and you will select an option that says “I have lost my snap streak”.

4. It will then show you a new page on which they want you to give some information which includes

  • username of your snapchat id
  • email address of your snapchat id
  • mobile number of the phone you use snapchat on
  • device model you are using
  • friends username with whom your snapstreak disappeared
  • last number of streak you were having with your friend
  • asking you whether you see that hourglass emoji with your friend’s username
  • any other information regarding this matter or why you want your snapstreak back.

In this way, after tapping send and waiting for some time you will see that your snap streak is back and you can continue it again from where it was disappeared.             

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