How to keymap your mouse and keyboard

Keymapping is the procedure to map your unused keys to the used ones. Don’t get it? Let me explain

For example, if the backspace key of your keyboard is not working then rather to change the keyboard you have another option of key mapping. You can map any unuse key for backspace. You can use the software for this purpose.

You can reassign some keys to access different commands

To reassign a key

Download and install Microsoft mouse and keyboard center.

Connect the keyboard that you want to configure

Select the start button and then select Microsoft mouse and keyboard center.

Several key names will display Infront of you then select the key you want to assign.

In the command list of the key, you want to reassign, select command.

The keyboard layout is almost the same in few decades and there’s a possibility that you don’t use every key of your board. if you think that your capslock key would work better for some other command, you can map it according to your need. You can map your capslock key to take screenshots on your laptop.

There are three ways to map your keys.

first, one

using sharp keys

                the sharp key is open-source free software that uses your program registry to map your keys. As an example, I use the Caps lock key as my backspace key because my backspace key isn’t working anymore.

The sharp key is an example of one-to-one key mapping. You don’t have to rely on any other software as sharp keys write the information directly into the windows directory. Download the software I recommend o you and start to map your keys according to your own use.

To remap a key

Click the add button and choose your keys. There are two columns in front of you the left one denotes the key you’ll press and the right column is responsible for the action you want your key to doing.

When you are done with the remapping. Click OK then click the write to registry button, if you want to remap your more keys then repeat the steps above.

Restart your laptop or computer and find out that your keys are in their new roles. Once the changes have been done you can delete the sharp keys.

Map your Hotkeys with keyboard’s software

Logitech’s Gaming software or Razer’s synapse comes with advanced keyboard software, you may have some keymapping features on it.

Many of these programs let you create your hotkeys/ multi-shortcut keys for each gaming. Some will let you record macros.

We cant explain each software because each is different from one another but the process is almost the same. Download the software, connect your keyboard with it and remap your keys. If you are having any doubts then go for the support page of that software.

Complex Scripts using Hotkeys

You can also create hotkeys using AutoHotkey if neither of the above options suits you. It is a free program with its own scripting language. It is difficult to use than to have built-in software you get with your gaming keyboards.

After the installation of AutoHotKeys, create your hotkeys by right-clicking anywhere in file explorer. Choose new > script. Open the resulting file in notepad.

Add the line


This will remap your capslock to the print screen, you can add comments by using; to remember what is the function of a new hotkey.

Enjoy the remapping of the keys.

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