Keyboard Not Working On A Dell Laptop~The Best Guide 2021

Dell keyboards are highly recommended keyboards all over the world. they are reliable and have a smooth structure in which buttons usually pop back out quickly after you press them. they also do not produce great noise while typing as compared to other keyboards. But each and every of the hardware can have defects or in short, we can say that it can stop work or can not work well as it was working before. So in this case you need not worry about its dysfunctionality all you have to do is first recognize the problem and find its solution by reading the article given below which can help your dell keyboard to work better(and any other keyboard as well).

First of all, you have to check that whether you are having the option of Disable keyboard buttons and if this option is available to make sure that the option is off because if it is on none of your keyboard’s buttons will work for a further explanation we can take the button called Num Lock as you can see that if that button is pressed once the Num Lock is on and the number buttons which are mentioned below will not work. To find out that if the disable keyboard button is on or not and if it is then off it so that your keyboard will start to work. Other ways of fixing your keyboard are mentioned below.

How to Resolve It ~Keyboard Not Working

Problem 1 ~Keyboard Not Working

        If your keyboard is not working properly and is having some resistance while typing, you can check that maybe some dust or grime is present below the buttons which can affect the functionality of your keyboard so in order to get rid of such difficulties with the keyboard you can use some kind of brush or some pressurized air which can remove the dust present beneath the buttons.

Problem 2~Keyboard Not Working

      If your keyboard is printing letters different from the letters you pressed then there must be some issues with the keyboard settings you will have to do some changes to it. All of the keyboards settings have QWERTY LAYOUT (positioning of the letters and another character on the keyboard ) which should be standardized as we know that the UK USA and Europe have their own standard key position which can act differently in the other places of Earth. So in order to get rid of this problem we should go to the settings and change the layout which is standard in our country.

Problem 3~Keyboard Not Working

     If your keyboard is totally not working then you should see that whether or not it’s your keyboard’s driver’s issue because sometimes when a keyboard stops working users think that it’s dead completely but what they do not check is that there can be a problem with the drivers. Sometimes drivers are corrupted and the keyboard cant function. In this way you should try to update your driver by going to My Computer>Properties>Device Manager >Internal Keyboard>RIGHT CLICK> Properties>Drivers Tab >Update Drivers.

Problem 4~Keyboard Not Working

If your keyboard is still not working then check that if your device is having some clash between your laptop’s keyboard drivers or the dell drivers. Make sure that whenever you reinstall your windows you should use the dell drivers because if you use the own drivers of your laptop then you can have a clash between these two drivers which can cause some problems which affect the functionality of the keyboard. In this way you should try to reinstall all exceptional drivers in the device manager by RIGHT CLICK Computer>Properties>Device Manager>Internal keyboard>RIGHT CLICK> Properties>Drivers Tab>Uninstall Drivers and then restart.

Problem 5~Keyboard Not Working

Check the keyboard in safe mode. Because there is some software in your device that can change the keyboard’s input. If you work with multiple languages and you have special software then you always want to convert your computer to safe mode and because of this, your computer can have severe issues with respect to the keyboard because it is working in the safe mode. In this way, you should try to uninstall all the software that can change the keyboard’s input and cause them to work differently when it is in safe mode.

Problem 6~Keyboard Not Working

Check the BIOS setting when your keyboard is not working because sometimes some kind of virus enters the BIOS setting and causes disturbance in the input and output functions.  So if you are not disabling your computer the virus can enter your BIOS setting and cause serious problems with your computer. In this way you should try to restart your computer and go to the BIOS setting by tapping f12>Advanced>Integrated peripherals>USB controllers>legacy keyboard>switch to enable.

Problem 7~Keyboard Not Working

If you have tried all the steps and it is still not working then try to connect an external keyboard by Bluetooth or wired connection means and check that whether the external one is working if it does then there will be some issues with your hardware. in this case you can remove the keyboard and connect it again to check its functionality.                            

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